2020: Not Forgotten, But Not Missed.

Never before have I felt such pressure and anxiety for a coming new year. I know several friends were able to find success and joys in 2020, but let’s be honest, we ALL can’t wait for it to f— off, right?

2020 was a year of survival. Definitely for us. I was filled with a lot of panic and stress in the first few months when it became clear that all conventions for the year would be cancelled, and seeing other small businesses instantly go out of business without them. We only regularly attend two conventions, but they account for like, half of our expected yearly income…eep!

So yeah, we didn’t come close to making our year, BUT, we did a hell of a lot better than I expected. And that’s all because of YOU. While it was frustrating, infuriating, and disappointing to see so much of the country not working together during this pandemic crisis, it’s been truly incredible to see how many rallied to support small businesses. We exist to provide to you, and we continue to exist because you support us. Jinyo and I truly hope our clothing brought you some amount of joy, confidence, and general awesomeness in a year that was relatively devoid of it.

I miss conventions, both as an attendee and a vendor. J and I are huge hermits, so cons were the one time we could count on to see lots of friends. While it doesn’t make up for the lack of physical contact that is so dearly missed, I’m looking forward to more virtual ways of interacting with everyone in 2021.

The pandemic is still going to be happening in 2021. We’re still all going to be social distancing. This is not the new normal, it’s just…normal. And that’s okay. 2020 was a year of pivoting. We’ve adapted, and now we’re eager to get into the new year!

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