2020 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m an absolute shopaholic. I LOVE shopping, but what I love even more is finding incredible items that enable me to show off my fandom in fun and stylish ways!

Here’s some of my favorite finds that are sure to make this gift-giving season a hit. Which, let’s be real, we all super deserve this year! It’s mainly Star Trek and Star Wars, since those are my biggest loves, but there are a few other beloved fandoms sprinkled in.

Happy shopping!


Volante Design Starfleet 2256 Jacket

Volante Design create impeccably crafted jackets with amazing stitching. We love their fashion take on the Star Trek: Discovery uniform jacket, which would layer awesomely with a pair of leggings and our Star Trek: Discovery Asymmetrical Tunic!

Elhoffer Design Prodigy Crop Top

A true leader in the world of fandom fashion, Elhoffer Design never disappoints in creating inspired pieces that are essential in any fangirl’s closet. We think their new Prodigy Crop Top is a match made in heaven to our Star Trek: TNG Starfleet Officer Midi Skirt.

Jordandené End of the Line Tank Top

Simple and chic, no one puts texts on shirts quite like Jordandenè! We love their wide array of quote shirts, especially their “I’m with you till the end of the line” top, seen here in its tank option and paired with our Patriot leggings.

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Po-Zu Rebellion High Top Sneakers

While they make and sell the actual boots worn by Rey in the new Star Wars films, it’s their line of fashion Star Wars footwear we’re particularly obsessed with! We own a few pairs of some previous styles, and hands down Po-Zu produces some of the most comfortable shoes ever. We love these Rebellion themed sneakers, and they’re half off right now, oh snap!


RockLove Jewelry Lasso of Truth Bolo Necklace

Another leader in fandom fashion, and personally we think the leader when it comes to jewelry, Rock Love is probably best known for their Star Wars, Disney, and Star Trek jewelry collections. And while those are unquestionably great, we are particularly over the moon for their Wonder Woman collection, especially this bolo necklace featuring Diana’s lasso of truth, tiara, and bracers!

Badali Jewelry Bag End Door

Badali creates lovingly crafted fandom jewelry, and their care to detail is wonderfully on display with their Lord of the Rings Bag End Hobbit Door necklace. It even has the Gandalf mark on the door! It’s the perfect necklace to wear with our Scale Male A-Line Dress.

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Pyrrha Carpe Diem Necklace

I (and yes, I just switched from “we” to I”, lol) am particularly obsessed with tracking down and owning real products used in some of my favorite films. It started with the 2009 Star Trek film with the DKNY boots worn by the Starfleet officers, and the Alexis Bittar earrings Uhura wore. It continues with Star Trek: Beyond and the Pyrrha necklace Bones wears at the end of the film. Per Karl Urban, a die-hard Trekkie himself, it was his own wardrobe choice as a nod to the medallion necklace scruffy hippie-looking Deforest Kelley wore as Bones in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Ted Muehling Silver Chip Earrings

In Star Trek: Beyond, the costume department switched Uhura from wearing Alexis Bittar earrings over to these small silver chip earrings by Ted Muehling. Unlike the Bittar earrings which were hard to track down even back when the first film came out, these Muehling earrings are still actively sold. Yay!

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BioWorld Vulcan Ear Cuffs

I can’t recall how or when I first came across these blinged out (pierced) Vulcan ear cuffs, but it was definitely an “OMFG YES” moment. I don’t know if they were ever sold in retail stores, and they are a bit hard to track down these days, but totally worth it in my book. I love wearing just one as a fashion statement with any of our Star Trek pieces, and even got a compliment about them from Dr. Culber himself, Wilson Cruz, at a Star Trek event! GUSH.


Danielle Nicole The Child Carriage Pram

I mean like…SHUT UP. Look at this bag. Danielle Nicole creates very unique and imaginative bags for a bunch of Disney properties and fandom franchises. This carriage bag from The Mandalorian really takes the cake for me right now. Can you imagine it paired with our Bounty A-Line Dress?

Loungefly Rebel Crossbody Bag

Who doesn’t love Loungefly? They never disappoint in creating really wonderful designed bags, and I feel like every girlfriend I know owns at least one Loungefly piece! I’m really taken with this perfectly elegant and sleek Rebel bag using the Rebel insignia as the other “e”.

BenaeQuee Creations Custom Fandom Bags

Kristin of BenaeQuee Creations is one of two mind-blowingly talented custom fandom bag makers that exist. Each bag is made by her with great care and incredible stitching details. I practically swooned when I saw this Bespin Leia inspired piece she made for a customer.

Sent From Mars Custom Fandom Bags

Mari of Sent From Mars is the other mind-blowingly talented custom fandom bag maker that also makes each INSANELY detailed bag herself. Her pieces are usually made up of an incredible amount of individual pieces, which result in breathtakingly detailed creations like this Blue the Raptor bag.

Home & Office

Science Division Interactive Tribble

Lonely working from home and maintaining social distance measures? Not anymore with this purrfect Tribble replica from Science Division! It’s the most incredible Tribble replica, not just because it’s soft and cute, but because it’s interactive! It’s the perfect pet to keep you company at home. And we could all use the calming effect of those Tribble coos these days.

Get 10% off with code 7V27J4

Seven20 Star Wars Stamped Lantern

Out on the patio, in the bathroom, or as part of a home office, this Star Wars stamped lantern from Seven20 is the elegant addition to my home that I never knew I needed!

Icon Heroes TNG Paper Clips

I’m a sucker for fandom + functionality, which can’t be beat with these simple but effective Star Trek paper clips from Icon Heroes! The cute little storage tin ensures your cat wont lose them all under the fridge.

TheGlassyGeek IDIC Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Glow up a room or backyard with this IDIC themed stained glass sun catcher made by The Glassy Geek! It’s a great way to express your fandom and enjoy some dazzling sun sparkle along with it.

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